Patient & Family Centered Care

Children’s Hospital of Illinois is committed to providing Patient & Family Centered Care. This means we consider parents and families to be part of the care team. By working together, we will can achieve better patient safety, and the best possible outcome for your child.

What is Patient & Family Centered Care?

There are five components to Patient & Family Centered Care:


We promote open and honest sharing of knowledge. Please share any information on your child’s health, including symptoms, treatments, medications and other illnesses.

Partnership & Collaboration

We recognize that parents are the expert on their child, and consider them to be an integral part of our care team. Together, we can provide children with the very best care.


We respect each family’s unique needs, and will partner together to help healing.

Ongoing Support

We will provide both structured and informal support to help families cope with the stresses of hospitalization, adjusting to change, and keeping a focus on wellness.


We encourage families to ask questions, partner with us to plan each child’s care, and to let us know if you are not satisfied for any reason.